Writers Who Care

Words that make a difference . . .


Writers Who Care

Words that make a difference . . .

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Four Women Authors

The four women authors comprising Writers Who Care are life-long friends separated by geography and life’s demands, but whose hearts are uniquely bound by a cause.

  • Four Women Authors using words to make a difference through the power of the pen.
  • Four Women Authors who care enough to aid another in their life’s journey.
  • Four Women Authors whose methods of communication project different styles and perspectives.
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A Bit About Us

One of the major causes about which Writers Who Care became passionate was birthed out of experiences they simultaneously shared concerning cognitive disease. Kenney’s mother and Faith’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s while Beth and Terri’s mother was diagnosed with dementia exhibiting severe short-term memory loss. Also, Terri’s mother-in-law and father-in-law both had Alzheimer’s.

As these women watched their precious loved ones li... Read more

Our Background

Writers Who Care is comprised of four women authors plus one:

- Faith McCauley Austin, a retired pastor’s wife – currently a special education teacher,

- Beth Withers Banning, a retired account executive – now a substitute teacher,

- Terri Green – an active business owner of residential assisted living care homes for the elderly, and

- Kenney Oldham Hayes - a retired mortgage banking executive.

Our fifth member of Writers Who Care is: A.J. W... Read more




Richard A. Jordan, MD, FACP, CHCOQM, CPE Col( Ret) US Army - Assistant Processor of Medicine -

Two thumbs up for "Hell No I Don't Remember, I Have Alzheimer's!" A much needed addition. This book should be required reading for all who aspire to healthcare careers. To truly understand ...

Katrina Akers Pawley, LMT Texas and Oregon, Lay Caregiver

This has been a very inspiring and heart-rendering read. I ran the gamut of emotions while reading this marvelous book, covering every episode experience with my precious family members. This ...

Gail Cowan, Retired High School Teacher

Having traveled this road with both of my parents, the authors' experiences resonate with me. I believe their insights, person stories, and recommendations, will be helpful for anyone who is on ...

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