About Us

About Us

Technology is predominant in our lives. Reading a book is a personal experience with each person having their own set of reading criteria.

At Writers Who Care. we believe in providing our readers not only with a great heart-to-heart book about a variety of topics. 

This site represents writers who are eager to share their work to the world. Many hope their book could make a difference in at least one life. Whether that is through pure enjoyment, learning something you didn't know, or reading about topics that interest you. 

We also offer a blog about insights and breakthroughs that encourage each of us to strive harder, do better and learn more.

You’ll also find some privileged insights into how and why to pick each story to match your needs, as well as a comprehensive perspective on all the benefits you get when choosing the best book.

We are ordinary people who have a dream. A dream of sharing our stories, our victories, and our failures. As writers, it is our hope that our stories will help someone deal with their own circumstances and the demons we all face. We are bound together by the power of the pen which can make a difference in the world.

We offer a variety of topics what we hope will offer solutions, ideas and creative strategies that can hopefully assist each of us in being a better, kinder, more loving person.

Take a risk and buy a book. Reading is a personal journey. No one is present in this reading opportunity but you. 

If you're a writer and want to join in with Writers Who Care, give us a shout and tell us a little about yourself and your objective in writing.