Do You Know About the Gatekeepers of Our Election Integrity?

Do You Know About the Gatekeepers of Our Election Integrity?

As we continue our prayer challenge leading up to the elections, Writers Who Care thought it worth mentioning the tenacity and perseverance of our election officials. These men and women devote their time and resources to serve us the month of our elections. From managing the ballots, to securing them, to counting votes, our election officials have a job very few would be willing to accept. Yet, most poll officials do it with faithfulness and love for our country and the election process. They serve as the "gatekeepers" of our election integrity.

One of our Seniorific partners, Johnnie Pegues, served as an election judge for many years. She has shared one of her favorite stories below so that we can get a bird's eye view of what it means to be an election official.

"My most special experience was with a lady who was in her 80s and was a naturalized citizen. Her son brought her in. She was so proud of her new citizenship she brought her passport as identification, as well as her citizenship papers. This was in 2012, the second Obama election.

The interesting thing was, she had never voted before. She was from a South American country where women were not allowed to vote, and she was really excited.

Of course, I set it up so that her son could assist her (she did not speak or read English and we did the oath for assistance), and he went into the voting booth with her to interpret.

When she was finished, she came out and started hugging me, we were both crying, and she had her son take our picture to memorialize the day!

I never thought before of how it must be in countries where people cannot vote....just the act of being able to do so in America still takes my breath away!

I tell this story whenever I hear someone whining about the state of the country, or the politicians, or the hassle of having to go vote. It shuts them up every time.

We have a choice. Many people around the world do not. It is a precious right to waste.

What a privilege we have in America to vote without fear of reproach or prejudice. Join Writers Who Care as we lift up America to the throne of God in the coming days. Pray that liberty and freedom will always prevail as in God we trust.

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