A Life Worth Remembering - Women's Suffrage Movement in Texas

A Life Worth Remembering - Women's Suffrage Movement in Texas


A Life Worth Remembering is loosely based on Ms. Withers Banning’s aunt’s life, and many facts have been woven into a work of historical fiction. May women everywhere catch the fervor that burned within her and challenge the world to change for the better.

Very little is written about the raw beginnings of the women’s movement, and very few know that its genesis in Texas was driven to help the abused victims of alcohol. It was in that light that Beth Withers Banning’s Aunt Billie came on the scene in 1896. She was known for paving the way for the future; and even though she was never really crowned with notoriety and fame, she made a huge impact in her world.

Billie refused to be put in the traditional box where women were so often expected to live during those days. She was intelligent and forthright. She was afraid of nothing, yet fearful of everything. She was a proponent of women’s suffrage and was highly educated, giving her a life that was lonely and obscure. She was courted by prominent legal minds of the twentieth century, and her influence was profound. The love of her life was Stanley, and the heartbreak she carried to her death was his doing. Her life was a tiny speck on the timeline of this world, but a speck that made a difference in Austin politics and Texas womanhood. She was absolutely devoted to family and gave her life to care for her mother, Leah America Cook. What she forfeited for love of family will only be measured in eternity.

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