Recipes Seniors Love to Eat

Recipes Seniors Love to Eat


Owner and COO of PBH RESIDENTIAL CARE HOMES based in Grand Prairie, Texas, Terri shares the favorite foods of the seniors living in her assisted living community in her new cookbook, “Recipes Seniors Love to Eat.” From a myriad of recipes collected over a period of years, Terri meticulously planned twenty-one menus a week times fifty-two weeks for her seniors. The recipes chosen for this cookbook have been tested and tried in all our homes through many years with scores of seniors who have differing taste palates. Here are their faves. 

It is our hope that this compilation of preferred recipes will enable families to have a few go-to, quick and easy to prepare meals for their loved ones knowing other seniors have truly enjoyed them.

Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 11" - 75 pages

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