When Mommies Cry - Losing A Baby

When Mommies Cry - Losing A Baby


When Mommies Cry details the journey of the author as she experiences the loss of her baby.

Beth Withers Banning delves deep into her soul to express lessons she learned from her first-hand knowledge of grief and offers life lessons to assist in the grieving process for mothers everywhere. Ms. Withers Banning takes the reader through a personal narrative of her experience and shares on every level the emotions, reactions, associations, and results that came from losing her newborn son. The author has provided a resource to bring about healing for grieving mothers.

There are 15 miscarriages out of every 100 pregnancies in the United States. The average number of abortions per year is 1.06 million. Even more alarming, an estimated one in 75 conceptions miscarry, many of which create physical repercussions for the mother. These disturbing statistics expose the very real need for mothers who have lost or aborted a child. Millions of women are mourning in silence leaving their broken hearts vulnerable during the most susceptible time of their lives.

Dimension: 6” x 9”

Pages: 88

Publisher: Westbow Press

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